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Monkeys, waterfalls and new friends

We had an amazing weekend!
It didn’t start out that way though… we had to wait for our car to leave for four and a half hours and then it took us another three hours to get to Kintampo. That’s when our good time actually began. Short reminder: Do you remember how clumsy I am? Yes? Good, let’s get started.
First I hit my toe against the bathroom door(or the other way around, depending on which one you ask) so hard it started bleeding. Well, we cleaned the mess up and got ourselves some fried yam for dinner. During the night I noticed how bad the matress was, but only after thinking about how much worse mine in Denkyemouso is so I decided to enjoy it.
The next morning I slipped and fell into a drainage gutter… result: ripped up knee, hand and bruised leg. Good job, Marika! We also had plenty porridge with bread that morning and it only cost us 1 Cedi, which equals a bit less than 0.25€, per person!
Kintampo Falls was impressive, it was such a huge waterfall! Luckily I didn’t slip on the wet stones… our guide did instead. I don’t think she hurt herself, because she just went for a swim in her already wet clothes. She got us a taxi to Fuller Falls – and also got in with us! The girl apparently decided to go and have a good time with the white people. Fuller Falls was more of a quiet place and very beautiful in it’s own way, so we spent some time there before we went back to Kintampo in a tiny car with seven people jammed in there while listening to loud Ghanaian music! Mary, our guide, sat on my lap and got away without paying anything for that drive. In Ghana you pay per seat and I paid mine/ ours… When she asked to join us for Boabeng-Fiema her adventure had ended and we went on our own. And guess what, we even got a good price for our taxi! We paid 45 Cedis and another Obruni we met there paid 90… Justice also said we got a good price, which makes us feel very good about ourselves.
Now the time has come for a formal apology: Justice, I am sorry for misspelling your name in my previous entries!
The guest house we stayed at (after we survived our taxi ride through a muddy river/ street) was a quiet place with a relaxing atmosphere and we spent the rainy afternoon in a hut playing games.
The next day was just plain amazing! We saw and fed monkeys, climbed up the remnants of a tree that had been eaten by some sort of parasite and had a look at the monkey cemetery. Our guided walk also included a rather scary conversation with our guide:
Guide: Wait, I think I just heard the sound of a black cobra.
Group member: Is it dangerous?
Guide: Yes, yes, very dangerous.
Group member: Does it dig up the ground like that?
(I was standing on „that“)
Guide: Yes, it does that.
Group member: How big is it?
Guide: As big as this tree stump (had about the diameter of my hand) and one meter tall.Needless to say that I was afraid of meeting that cobra… and luckily we didn’t.

The other Obruni shared a guide with us and went back to Kumasi with us – and put up his tent at our school. It always is nice to make new friends..
Our trip wasn’t the way we thought it would be, it was even better! Jana and I are already planning our next one…